Same Cleaner Each Time

Our responsive, detail-oriented approach – exemplified by our owner’s close personal involvement – ensures consistently exceptional results and client care. All operators are background checked, bonded and insured.

Eliminate Cross Contamination

Our color-coded microfiber cleaning cloth system ensures cloths from the bathroom never touch your kitchen countertops.

Whole Home Disinfection Process

EnviroShield® disinfecting kills 99% of the most common bacteria and viruses such as E.coli, and eliminates common odors in your home.

House Cleaning Services by Maid Right® of Coral Springs

Welcome to Maid Right of Coral Springs! As Coral Spring’s first choice in house cleaning services, we give families the services they need for a cleaner home and a less cluttered schedule. With our house cleaning services, homeowners benefit from total-home cleaning, hospital-strength disinfection, and eco-friendly systems and products. When you choose Maid Right of Coral Springs, our owners are always involved in each cleaning visit to your home. Click below and learn more about what makes home cleaning services from Maid Right of Coral Springs so special.

Exclusive Cleaning Methods Deepen the Clean

Our Maid Right trademarked processes provide for a deeper clean each visit.

Your Satisfaction Comes First

Our customers love that our cleaners are the business owner as well, so they focus on delivering a quality clean.

Revolutionary Protection for Your Home

Our exclusive disinfecting system protects all areas of your home and removes odors.
“I like having the same cleaner each time. They understand my needs and routine.” - Michelle Connell
“I like the different color-coded micro-fiber cloths, the consistency every visit and the communications. It’s not like this with the other services I’ve used. I love that Linda and I have multiple ways to communicate with each other. She leaves me notes in our log book and takes extra care with my home. I would definitely recommend Maid Right to others.” - Laura G.
“I can smell the cleanliness. Everything is spotless. I know our house has been cleaned with EnviroShield, protecting our family from getting sick.” - Debra Curry

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Coral Spring’s First Choice for House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services from Maid Right of Coral Springs follow the patented Maid Right Signature Clean® suite of cleaning standards and systems. No other cleaner or brand offers the extensive, uncompromising standards that come with Maid Right Signature Clean®. From our commitment to total-home cleaning, to our delivery of hospital-strength disinfection, to our insistence on eco-friendly, family-safe cleaning products, our services are founded on the principles Coral Springs families expect for superior cleaning.

Our Services for Superior House Cleaning

Partnering with our team means access to Coral Springs’ most rigorous and comprehensive house cleaning services. These include:

  • Maid Right Signature Clean®. This program combines the strongest service standards in our industry with a dedication to comprehensive, systematic cleaning plans.
  • Maid Right Technics®. We deliver efficient, effective service with Maid Right Technics®, a system that takes advantage of our industry’s latest advancements and technologies.
  • Maid Right Tracker®. We ensure consistency and excellence through the use of feedback surveys, Quality Control Checklists, and meticulous record-keeping.

Reliable House Cleanings for Coral Springs

Maid Right of Coral Springs is committed to providing our clients with the most dependable and trustworthy services we can offer. We do all that we can to ensure the excellence of our cleanings. Under our Maid Right Tracker® program, we use log books for effective communication, self-scoring checklists for quality control, and hold ourselves accountable through third-party feedback surveys. We also offer the strongest service guarantee in all of Coral Springs – a policy that applies to every cleaning delivered by our team.

Open your home to Coral Springs’ first choice for superior house cleaning services. Call Maid Right of Coral Springs today at (954) 840-8140 to book your no-cost consultation and estimate.

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